Online workshop & coaching

Top of Mind

How do you ensure that your brand

becomes and remains Top of Mind ?
Which factors make your name appear first

when looking for a product?

How come you see a burger

immediately think of McDonalds?
Why do you always buy the same brand of shampoo?

In this
online workshop we analyze the different factors that make a brand strong and apply the same techniques to your brand:


Emotional connection

The right slogan




Each part of the workshop consists of a short part of theory and a concrete exercise that can be carried out individually or in a team.


Practical information

Online Top Of Mind workshop
A workshop developed for groups or individuals.
Duration: +/- 1.5 hours
Max.number of participants: 10 (for teams)

Presentation training

Giving a presentation is always puzzle work.

What is the exact purpose of your presentation?
Which message do you want to convey?
Who is your target audience?
How do you keep the attention?
What are the main and side issues?

In this online training we work together on:
The structure of your presentation
Increasing the impact
Strengthening the storyline
The look & feel of the slides

After the first structural work we will then refine :
How are you going to make
transitions between the topics?
Where exactly do you
interact with your audience?
call to action do you want to include in your presentation?

Online presentation training

Training designed for individuals who want to work on their presentation in a practical training.

During the training we use a unique framework to structure your entire presentation.

Duration: in consultation with the participant
Number of participants: individual

Group sessions can be provided on request.

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